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Vasilisa tutoring center is a unique and authentic educational facility in Los Angeles with the family-like atmosphere and multilateral classes. This Russian oriented school is located in Encino SF Valley in Southern California. Our center helps Russian-speaking parents to incorporate Russian language and Russian culture into their kid's lives. Vasilisa works for all age groups and maintains pedagogic resources in a bunch of different educational areas. Among regular courses such as mathematics, logic,  science, Spanish, English, Russian grammar, literature and history, Vasilisa's students enjoy art, modeling, chess lessons, cooking classes and much more.

Parents may enroll their kids to the group classes depending on the current level of their kid's knowledge, or to order individual tutoring to deepen their chid's understanding in particular areas. Not only Vasilisa center provides flexible scheduling options throughout the week, but it also offers a Saturday school for kids and Sunday Mom+kid, play-and-learn camp.

All teachers in the Vasilisa Tutoring center hold university degrees, went through the professional psychological training and have extensive pedagogical experience. We understand that kids come to our center after their regular school hours and may be exhausted with the academic activities. That is why every class in the Vasilisa Tutoring center is a piece-of-art project that combines educational advancements with the game approach, to keep our students tuned and enjoyed from the first minute in our center.

In our tutoring center, your child will be involved to the interesting communication with peers, will improve his/her behavioral and communication skills. Our teachers and tutors help kids to build teams based on shared interests and to enrich their knowledge by team collaboration.

Our center offers unique opportunities for an addition to the regular schooling education, intellectual and talent development for kids seven days a week. By combining recreational and learning processes, our classes allow your children to receive an excellent opportunity for harmonious development and socialization. We are confident that every day in our center will be full of positivity, which will have a beneficial effect on the development of your kid's personalities. Not only we are positively affecting today's life of our students, but also we undoubtedly make a positive impact on their future.

Vasilisa Tutoring Center also provides special birthday parties packages with the wide variety of themes such as Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and others. Kids will experience unique science oriented lesson, face painting, yummy lunch and much fun. Parents may enjoy Art classes for adults with wine tasting while waiting for their little students. We are planning to launch acting classes and do our best to make the school all-in-one educational center.

Regular Courses:
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In our academic program we united the traditional methods of teaching with the game style teaching.

Video interview with Tatyana Ermolaeva, founder of the Vasilisa Center


My History

I really felt the value of my profession 7 years ago when I moved to LA with my daughter, Nastya, who was 5 years old at the time.

I knew firsthand from friends and acquaintances how quickly children lose their native language here and how difficult and sometimes impossible to preserve it and, so to speak, multiply.

Anticipating this problem, I began teaching Nastya to read and write in Russian using the old, soviet style ABC-book and cursive writing workbook, which were used for teaching Russian when I was in an elemetary school.

I just used whatever I had on my hands. She was the first person I taught to read and write.

Being a teacher of Russian language and literature, having worked in a Russian school for more than 10 years, I never realized how challenging and at the same time interesting and rewarding it may be to teach the basics of Russian.

After all, the children I taught in Russia came to me, already possessing these excellent skills of speaking and writing. And so I began to teach other children to read and write.

Now we are called «Vasilisa». Our school has more than 100 students, we have classes from Monday to Saturday. These are not only classes of the Russian language (writing and reading), but also Mathematics, Logic, Spanish, English, Painting, Chess, etc.

We strive to combine high quality education, elements of creativity and an individual approach to each student. Our school is an opportunity to preserve our roots, speak Russian and enjoy the learning process.

We are glad to everyone who is interested in preserving the language for their children and grandchildren.

Tatiana Ermolaeva, the owner of the school.

Our teachers

Carriers of language, knowledge and wisdom

Tatiana Ermolaeva
Tatiana ErmolaevaPrincipalvasilisatutoring@gmail.com
Graduated from the Kurgan State University with the major of «Teacher of Russian language and literature». Has a teaching experience of more than 25 years. Developed a special course of Russian language and literature specifically for Vasilisa tutoring center.
Anna Zhukova
Anna ZhukovaVice principal
In 2014, Anna graduated from the Russian University of Cooperation with the major in the food processing engineering and administration. She worked for several major Russian companies as an administrator and manager. Her expertise in communications and administration overflew the strictly professional responsibilities. She organized the charitable trips to orphanages in the Moscow region. Anna helped many graduates from the orphanages to find jobs in Moscow and Moscow region. She continues to communicate with many of her pupils, even today, when she lives in Los Angeles.
Vladimir Priyma
Vladimir PriymaTeacher of Russian language and literature
Graduated from UCLA with the majors in International Economics and Russian Studies. Easily connects with children, finds the ways to explain the hard material in a playful fun manner.
Svyatoslav Ermolaev
Svyatoslav ErmolaevPrivate and group tutor of Math, English, Chemistry and Science.
Student of UC Berkeley with major in Chemical engineering.
Svetlana Pikhoia
Svetlana PikhoiaYoga trainer
Has graduated from Ural State University in specialty of history (historian, professor of historical and political disciplines), later on, she has defended her dissertation. Has worked as a teacher in Middle & High School and in The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Among her interests are sport, classical music, theater and reading. A few years ago, Svetlana has discovered the world of yoga. She believes that yoga practice helps to find your own path, to exercise flexibility and endurance, to cope with emotions and to live in harmony with oneself and the outside world.
Arshak Ramazyan
Arshak RamazyanChess trainer
Fide Master started from 2009 Fide Trainer Started from 2011 Winner of Helsinki Tournament 1997 Winner of TallinnTournament 2000 Third place in Czestochowa Some of my students are grandmasters and international masters now. One of grandmasters is Samvel Ter-Sahakyan, International Masters are David Shahinyan and Tigran Simonyan.
Daria Lukyanenko
Daria LukyanenkoTrainer-choreographer
Daria has graduated from Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University in a specialty of choreography. Daria has more than six years of experience working with children; she has participated in various dance competitions for children in Belarus. Daria does not stop there; she continues her dance teaching practice and visits different master classes in modern dance movements here in Los Angeles.
Hector Gutierrez Poroj
Hector Gutierrez PorojTutor of Spanish.
Working on getting a B.S. degree in Sociology at the California State University of Nortridge. He was a teacher assistant at Department of Education Teacher's assistant in January 2014-December 2015 in Guatemala.
Elza Avakian
Elza AvakianVocal teacher.
Laureate of international competitions and festivals. Grand Prix winner. Graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Pupils are winners of European competitions Austria, France, Italy, Czech Republic.
Nadezhda Butakova
Nadezhda ButakovaIs an artist, interior designer and teacher.
Nadezhda has graduated from one of the best art universities in Russia – Moscow State Art Academy of Stroganov. Her art works were promoted in popular exhibitions in Moscow like Manezhniy yard and mentioned in interior journals. At the same time with artist and designer carrier Nadezhda taught. She has more than five years of experience working with children. The main goal of her art classes is to make kids fall in love with art, and develop them as creative people.
Mikael Ayrapetyan
Mikael Ayrapetyanis a pianist, composer, producer, teacher, as well as a researcher and public figure.
He received his musical education at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. At the graduate school of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory Mikael Ayrapetyan became the bearer of the world-famous performing and pedagogical traditions of the XX century.
Yulia Ayrapetyan
Yulia Ayrapetyanis a pianist, producer and teacher of the 1st qualification category.
Yulia Ayrapetyan have performed with great success in a number of European countries and cities of Russia, Armenia and China. She received her master's degree in music arts in Moscow, in the class of Professor and pianist Vasily Shcherbakov, grandson of the famous children's composer and teacher, Dmitry Kabalevsky.
Julia Elkhimova
Julia ElkhimovaClasses in acting, dance and Russian
Theater and film actress, ballerina. Higher education: Moscow Institute of Theater Arts GITIS'2015. Choreographic school (Moscow) 2008 . Member of the Union of Theater Workers of Russia (STD RF) since 2019. Over 15 years experience in theater. Over 3 years teaching experience . Hello! My name is Julia, I will be glad to see your children in my classes in acting, dance and Russian! See you soon!
Daria Pryimak
Daria PryimakEnglish teacher, marketer, partner manager
Daria graduated from the Ukrainian College of Economics and Management and from the Ukrainian Kharkiv University of Food and Commerce. She continues to study online at Google as a Project Manager, and she studies psychology. Daria developed and managed IT – Project and built an education system and organizational culture for employees. She has created 200 business training materials including presentations, videos, training courses, and has also conducted business training throughout her management career. She has seven years of experience in management, business education, communication and public speaking. Daria had experience as a Store Manager for a device sales company and as a Human Resources Director and as the Education Manager for a European company — Calzedonia Group.
Rimma Logvinenko
Rimma LogvinenkoTeacher of Russian language and literature
Graduated from Belgorod State National Research University with a degree in Russian Language and Literature. At the current moment, she is receiving a master's degree in education and Russian literature. Has experience working with children for more than 5 years. She worked in middle and high school, as well as in children's educational camps.

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