Piano classes at Vasilisa Tutoring Center

Music is a powerful source of thought. Without musical education, full-fledged mental development is impossible.  (B. A. Sukhomlinsky)

Dear Parents! We are proud to introduce piano lessons at Vasilisa Tutoring Center. Music education is a unique tool for child development. Scientists, doctors and psychologists around the world strongly recommend including music classes in the overall educational process.

Our Teachers
Mikael Ayrapetyan
Mikael Ayrapetyanis a pianist, composer, producer, teacher, as well as a researcher and public figure. He received his musical education at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. At the graduate school of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory Mikael Ayrapetyan became the bearer of the world-famous performing and pedagogical traditions of the XX century.
Yulia Ayrapetyan
Yulia Ayrapetyanis a pianist, producer and teacher of the 1st qualification category. Yulia Ayrapetyan have performed with great success in a number of European countries and cities of Russia, Armenia and China. She received her master's degree in music arts in Moscow, in the class of Professor and pianist Vasily Shcherbakov, grandson of the famous children's composer and teacher, Dmitry Kabalevsky.
Private lessons.

1 class per week 30 min — $200 per month ($50 — 30 min)
2 classes per week 30 min — $360 per month ($45 — 30 min)

1 class per week 45 min — $260 per month ($65 — 45 min)
2 classes per week 45 min — $480 per month ($60 — 45 min)

1 class per week 60 min — 400$ per month (100$ — 60 min)
2 classes per week 60 min — 640$ per month (80$ — 60 min)

Group classes.

1.Classic music history — 50 min.
1 Class per week — 240$ per month.
2. Solfeggio — 50 min.
1 class per week — 240$ per month.

Payment is made one month in advance.
The transfer or cancellation of the lesson is possible at least one day in advance, otherwise the payment will expire.

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