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Painting classes with wine tasting for adults

Wine tasting while painting has lately become a trendy and popular evening activity in L.A. And for a good reason. Just imagine yourself sitting relaxed and meditating about life with the glass of red Beaujolais or white Sauvignon Blanc, and at the same time painting something romantic. Quiet and pleasant music creates the atmosphere of serenity, and even if you have rarely painted before, you would definitely produce something original, maybe even mysterious. Who knows! But there is more to it! Your little one is also busy. He or she is learning Russian or Spanish in the next room, or plays chess and solves some difficult math problem while you are enjoying that glass of wine. We invite all mothers and fathers to participate in our wine-art tasting classes while your kids learn something in our center.

One single class $50. For two person $90. Minimum 6 people.

All necessary equipment and accessories as well as wine and snack are included in the price.