Jazz Funk Dance

Vasilisa opens the new enrollment to jazz & funk dance lessons.

This style comprises mix of several contemporary movements like hip-hop, jazz and waacking.

Jazz-funk is an excellent opportunity for each student to express his or her individuality and, also, to break free of complexes, to achieve liberation of one’s figure.

Our classes will be conducted by a professional trainer, Daria Lukyanenko. Daria has graduated from Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University in a specialty of choreography. Daria has more than six years of experience working with children; she has participated in various dance competitions for children in Belarus. Daria does not stop there; she continues her dance teaching practice and visits different master classes in modern dance movements here in Los Angeles.

By attending the best dancing classes, we will not just acquire good dancing skills but will also learn how to improvise, listen to the beat of music, unfold and express ourselves, and will spend time joyfully and in a good company.

 Attire style. The best attire for jazz-funk is comfortable and soft clothing. Usually it is clinging colorful t-shirts and tops, wide trousers, à la hip-hop, or tight leggings.