Our projects

Tutoring Center «Vasilisa» provides a learning environment where children can develop creative thinking skills. We believe «thinking outside of the box» has an impact on both the knowledge and life skills of a child. Our projects are assigned to go beyond thinking about the obvious things we’re often presented with. Children have the ability to see extraordinarily in simple things, the ability to create magic with their hands, the ability to bring joy, the ability to dive deeper into hidden meanings in the overall literature context beyond a surface understanding.

1. Kids fashion shows

The children's fashion show, organized by the Vasilisa Center, is a game designed to immerse children in the world of fashion, introduce them to the history of costumes, and test their photogenicity in full-scale shooting. And this is a good opportunity to dream. A fun, entertaining, exciting game in a children's modeling agency.


2. Language Art Projects

3. Children's mini-performances

4. Thematic photo shoots

5. Scientific world